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The VERY first IFVP Fireside Chat was AWESOME!


We just hosted our maiden IFVP FIreside chat with Jose Luis Anzizar, from Buenos Aires, Argentina! Tough time too as we scheduled it during a World Cup soccer game but we had a nice, cozy group of about a dozen. The Board of Directors often hear our members say through surveys, in conversations, on the many social media channels we interact on, that members want more content around how to develop their practice, their business, and their clients. The intent behind the IFVP Fireside Chat series, hosted on zoom, is to meet that request by creating a channel for our members to share what they know and are best at with other members.

In this Fireside Chat, Jose Luis has developed a system to coach people in developing their business model and brand message. We learn and discuss the model he uses, review the series of self reflection exercises meant to help build a business model canvas and brand message. He taught this course as a break out at the IFVP Decatur 2017 conference and was kind enough to offer this course material when I visited him in Buenos Aires and suggested we partner together on this online idea the IFVP Board of Directors had been talking about. 

We had a great conversation around the business model canvas and using it to build your purpose and brand message. We got some REALLY GREAT ideas on how to articulate your purpose in an #audiologo kind of way, including new ways to describe the work we do. There are also a series of links to helpful resources in the chat log that can help you build out your business model canvas. Jose Luis encourages you to download the material and go through the exercises, contacting him with questions or for advice and guidance, if needed.

You can watch the first IFVP Fireside Chat here. You must be member and logged in to view the recording and access the materials Jose-Luis used in this session.  If you receive an "Access Denied" message, log in to view the video. If you are not a member with a log-in, you can join the IFVP here for access to this video and many other benefits for the professional Visual Practioner.