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Visual Coaching - the SHIFT-IT System: Home Study Kit

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Currently SAVE 50% to assist during these intense times.

The curriculum in The SHIFT-IT Home Study Kit is the same that I use in my live online course. In fact, you follow a 7-week live class (who meet once a week via webinars) as they make their way step-by-step through my material. I guide you, in the same order as the course you are watching. You witness their ahhas and insights and in turn, apply the SHIFT-IT material to the specifics of your own situation.

1. Welcome and Overview
2. Harvest Your History
3. Investigate Your Now
4. Focus on Your Future
5. Trouble at the Border
6. Action Planning
7. Class Closure and Implementation Coaching

The Home Study Kit is instantly available via online purchase. Upon purchase, you receive a private password to my SHIFT-IT School and access to the SHIFT-IT Kit area. I encourage you to proceed through the material in the order it is laid out, however, access to all modules is immediately given in case you have an urgent need to view certain topic areas.

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Saturday, January 1, 2022 - 4:00pm
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Instant Online Access at Your Own Time & Pace
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Instant online access to my mentoring – learn at your own pace from your own home or office! The Deluxe Level includes 3 private coaching sessions for 1-to-1 support. SAVE 50% to assist during these intense times.
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