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Visual Practice Resources Airtable

Thanks for taking part in our Visual Practice Resoures Airtable project. IFVP exists as a forum for visual practitioners from around the world to gather to promote the field and to support each other in our professional and social impact work. As the premiere professional association for our practice, we offer value in a variety of ways. Our website allows for members to be located through a searchable database which is also visible as a map. Each member has a profile page to promote their work to potential clients. Members may also create blogs on the site or link to their blogs on other sites. Participation in the IFVP is a sign of your professionalism as you participate in this global community.

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Add another resource to the Visual Practice Resources Airtable! (Disclaimer: the presence of a resource here does not imply endorsement, this is a beta version of our database intended to gather initial information and allow for user experience feedback as we use an agile iteration approach to its development. Thanks for helping us explore ways to bring value to the community!)

Here is an embedded view of resources that have been entered.