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Weird Moments in GR History

In 2016 I was asked to scribe for a large YP conference. They were expecting 300 people at a local casino. The plan was to feature the scribing on stage with the presenters and on screens around the venue. That plan required several, too-big-for-my-Hyundai, foam core boards. I accepted the challenge and added the date to my calendar. 

I arranged to have a friend with a truck to help me transport the boards on the day of the event. Once we are inside I realize I have no idea where to go. I explain to the staff that we were there for today’s conference in a room that can accommodate 300 or so people. They seem to know what I am talking about and they direct me to the grand ballroom. 

When we arrive, I notice that the venue is still setting up the tables and the stage looks a little smaller than anticipated, but “it’s still early” I thought. I thanked my friend for helping me out and after he leaves I practice setting up my board easels and boards. That takes about 10-15 minutes. Then I walk around the ballroom eyeing the architecture and all the little details. "Hey–where are the screens?" I thought.

There is some motion outside the ballroom so I go to see if anyone from the team has arrived as it’s getting pretty close to starting time and there is much sense of urgency. “Was the event I in the wrong room?" my mind races. My phone buzzes. This must be someone from the event–are they looking for me? No, it’s a calendar notification saying five minutes until the start of the event.

"Uh, oh!" I decide to go on the offensive and start searching through my phone looking for an email with a contact number. I find the thread, then the event coordinator’s number and right as I’m about to dial I notice an attachment with the flyer for the event. At this point, I’m late and I should be calling but something urges me to open the attachment. 

That's when I discover how awful the cellphone service is! Maybe someone was trying to get through and couldn't. As the flyer slowly loads I walk around trying to get better service. At this point I'm frantic. Finally, the flyer opens and I examined it. I am in the right place at the right time but the event is next week.