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Welcome to the EVP Meetup Circus!

Dear Hosting Team of the November 2020-EVP Meetup - it was a blast!
What an amazing atmosphere you have created - upfront, on Padlet, in the circus itself -
with so much love and care! You invited all of us into a beautiful hospitable space for the
visual practitioner community across Europe - even from Armenia and from the US. There
have been two sponsors supporting the event: Neuland and the IFVP institute. By the way:
From the IFVP Institute, you welcomed Renatta and Phil Bakelaar, who woke up in the middle
of their nights to be together with all of us.
So what made this experience such a special one?
You lived the great metaphor of a circus in all elements. Let me start with the realm you
created: Through videos upfront, with beautiful drawings and even a Meetup song everyone
could land softly and well in a circus atmosphere.
There was a lot of interaction and laughter. The designed programme has had different
rhythms and paces - in plenary, some information inputs for the community, in breakout
rooms where people could choose what to focus on. Dani has created a dance for all of us …
where we moved in front of our computers. And at the end, we all met at a virtual Beer-
garden with a real beverage in our hands, having conversations in smaller and larger
I asked Sandra Bach and Karl Mortier - what have been your three most important golden
nuggets as hosts in the name of the whole EVP hosting team.
Tadaaaaa - here they are:
Sandra Bach:
  • That out of an idea a whole Meetup can emerge (thank you to Karl, Andy, and all the others who were wearing the large circus-hat)
  • The session together with Jens (Nordmann) - was so much fun! A bit confusing but super creative!
  • Dancing with Dani - cool music, cool hosting - all got happy!
  • And last but not least this really awesome community
Karl Mortier:
  • The preparation moments, the months, the weeks, the days and hours before themeetup. The power of co-creation.
  • Welcoming Yana from Armenia, a symbol of growth, diversity, openness of our EVP Community.
  • The stress that felt off my shoulders after the first 5 minutes. I enjoyed every minute from then till now.
Well done! Chapeau and thank you for this huge gift to the community.