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What I Know (and Don't Know) About Navigating "Firsts"

I'm putting together a workshop this October about "first times."  It leverages many of the lessons from the Unstuck workshop and my previous work on creativity and beliefs and yet, I've never done a workshop specifically on firsts. It'll be a first.

As usual, we’ll review various mental models around dealing with firsts, and most importantly, lean into our own wisdom on this. As I was designing this workshop I asked myself, “What do I really know about first times?” …

I know the first time I do anything it feels 85% like “This is too weird,” and 15% like “I'm going get through this.”

The second time I do it, it feels like 60% weird and 40% like “I'm going to get through this.” By the third time, it starts to feel about 85% normal and 15% new. The newness fades fast. 

Do you remember your first day in that new leadership role? Your kid's first day of school? Your first kiss? Your first time doing that presentation that you’ve done a hundred times now?

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