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What's an IFVP board meeting like?

What's an IFVP board meeting like? 

I only attended three board meetings so far, but just partaking in something called a 'board meeting' makes me feel like a proper grown-up.

On our last meeting, the IFVP institute president, Phillip Bakelaar (aka Dr. B), asked us to share a little information about our families and personal lives. He started by talking about his own family and what some of them have been up to, and he prompted someone else to go next. 

So, we all briefly talked about our parents, siblings, children, and pets—and I tried to take as many notes as I could. It's these details that I want to remember about people, especially when we're all so far away from each other and don't have much in common other than the fact that all our vastly different lives converged onto the path of becoming a visual practitioner.

Halfway through the meeting, I pulled out my alcohol markers and started creating a quick visual note of our meeting. It's not comprehensive, but I wanted to have a visual snapshot of our call. I look forward to actually meeting these people someday, though.