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Who to Follow During a Pandemic

The answer to the question of who to follow during a pandemic, in short, is whomever you choose. But the longer story begins a long, long time ago. As a child, I spent a great deal of time indoors because of a serious asthma diagnosis. Anything could set it off–strenuous activity, fresh-cut grass, cigarette smoke, pet dander, feathers, pollen, heat. So I stayed inside and learned how to draw and craft. It was fun. Once I made a "proton pack" out of cardboard and pretended to be a ghostbuster and ran around saying, "I ain't afraid of no ghost!"

But I am afraid of the Coronavirus. Having asthma reportedly makes me more vulnerable to the disease if I were to catch it. So once again I am spending a lot of time indoors, more time watching the news and on social media than usual. And while the world seems to be caving in on itself (according to the news) I have found a kind of peace that I attribute to some of the other voices I am choosing to hear right now. Each one is helping to make sense of this new and distant world. Here are a few fellow facilitators and practitioners I follow. Maybe there's something in it for you, or maybe you have some of your own. Feel free to share.

The Wind Warrior

Quanita Roberson, the founder of Nzuzu, has a way of stopping people in their tracks. She is a vessel for the kind of wisdom that prods at the heart. This happened to me–again–when I saw this post from her: 

I would add that as we decide how we want to live perhaps there is a good kind of infectious we could be. 

The Listener

Anthony Weeks is another person who consistently sparks careful, thought-provoking conversation. Here is one of his latest post from the Graphic Facilitation group on Facebook

"I’m glad to see all the tutorials, lessons, classes, and support for technology-driven solutions as we contemplate uncertainty, anxiety, and shift in our work. Amidst all of the business- and production-driven posts here recently, though, I’m more curious about how people are doing personally. Like on a human level. We are more than our work...and the “value” we deliver to clients. In order to be dedicated listeners, I’d offer that we need to care for ourselves and others." 

This reminds me of the old adage of "sharpening the saw." The moral of the story is the sharper we are–by being more attentive and intentional about what sustains us–the better we can be of use to serve others effectively. Thank you for caring, Anthony.

The Singer-Songwriter

Emily Jane Steinberg could be striving to shift from analog to digital (or whatever other income-generating strategies) but instead is choosing to write and perform about what's going on in the world right now.

Click the pictures to check out her songs on Instagram. Maybe, she will go viral after all...hee hee.

The Change Agent

Sam Bradd has been on my radar for some time now. This time I was directed to him because another facilitator friend recommended Bradd's new manual: 

It's free and available right now. Click the image above to check it out. Share if you like, but don't forget to give credit where due. Thanks again, Sam!

The Beekeeper

Karina Branson has shared a two-part series on working from home from her Instagram that you can see here for part one and here for part two. What I find most fascinating about her is that when she's not being a legit visual practitioner, she's busy being a legit farmer and beekeeper. I cannot help but respect the balance between hustle and bustle and patient cultivation. 

These are just a few examples of many, many humans who are taking the time to be contemplative. I am grateful to these people for reminding me to slow down, pause, connect and cultivate what really matters. Because of this attitude, I am proud to say instead of being glued to screen I was present enough to witness the priceless moment of my daughter's first unassisted steps. With that said, consider your permission slip to pause as official signed! May this time of pause grant you the beauty, peace, and clarity your need to move forward toward whatever lies ahead. 

With Love, 




Beautifully beautiful!

Beautiful article Brandon!
I enjoyed every word. Thank you!
This is Side B of Visual Practitioners, or..... Side A? Who knows!
I want to see more of these articles in our Newsletter!
Big hug (virtual, but of course)

José Luis