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Workshops, sessions, pre-conference classes...oh my!!

The Montclair Global Summit is on the horizon, coming up this summer. There's still time for you to let us know if you want to PROPOSE or REQUEST some topic or workshop or session (Tuesday through Friday) or pre-conference class (Monday and/or Tuesday).

We've extended the deadline request to NOVEMBER 11, 2023 for online submissions of proposals and requests! When you complete the online form, the information will go directly to our Airtable database, and we'll get an email notification.

You can PROPOSE something you would like to do for a pre-conference or a workshop or a session.

Or you can REQUEST something you'd like to see as a workshop, session or pre-conference class.

You can use the SAME FORM for either a PROPOSAL or a REQUEST.

Once you submit the form (and you can do as many as you would like) it will go to our planning team for review and further conversation.

At this point you don't have to be very detailed, just let us know what is on your mind. LET'S TALK!!