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The world's first Graphic Recording NFT!

Did you already hear about NFTs?

So called "Non-Fungible-Tokens" with which ownership of certain items (pictures, movies, tickets...) is sealed into the blockchain?

A revolutionary technique which will change how we think about ownership. Some of them are already traded for millions of dollars (check on "Crypto Punks" or "Bored Apes") and many artist like Beeple get fame and earn lots of income without the need of middle instutions like galleries and art fairs.

Also musicians can now sell their music directly to the fans - and they will be rewarded through a certain percentage of the musicians income. An underlying Smart Contract rewards supporters everytime a copy of the album (or the artwork) is sold. So the money goes back directly to fans/supporters.

But not only monetary rewards are attractive - often you have access to certain communities, receive free virtual gifts (so called "Airdrops"), real items like clothing and will be granted early access to future releases. And much more to come....

Many big companies are starting to use NFTs and collaborate with artists. Check the news for Nike or Adidas!

And two weeks ago, one of my Graphic Recordings was turned into an NFTs well.

A milestone in the history of Graphic Recording!

I was drawing along a Clubhouse talk by the Clubhouse Creator Gary Henderson in which he presented his new Book "The Clubhouse Creator".

After the session I sent Gary the digital picture and he turned it into an NFT on the Creator Platform There people could "mint"(access) the NFT for about $50 in a crypto curreny called Gary Coin ($GARY).

The underlying smart contract has a programmed 50:50 split in it and so everytime one of the picutres is sold, I get 50% of the share. And also in future sales, when the NFT changes it's possessors, I will always get a share!

I hope you understand my excitement - but this is the beginning of a completely new way on how we think about ownership and getting rewarded for our work.

Let me know what you think!


PS: If you also want to own one of the 63 minted Graphic Recording NFTs - here is how it works:

The original "minting" is over now - but you still can buy the (world's first) Graphic Recording NFT here on

Here is how you do it:

1. Go to the link

2. Open an account 

3. Buy $Gary Coins worth $50 and use them to get the NFT.
You can use a credit card or a crypto wallet

4. Use the coins to buy the NFT (you can always trade them back into US Dollars or other currencies!)

5. That’s it - you’re one of the few owners of this historical document!

It is an edition of only 63 Artworks!