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    sketches of Rhoda Draws and Christina Merkley in this course graphic with their country flags behind - Canada and Mexico


    April 20, 2022


    FAST & LOOSE SKETCH CLUB – The Fabulous Rhoda Draws Is Back! For Visual Practitioners and other Creatives who want to draw better and faster. A crash course in design whether you work analog (paper) or digital (tablet) or both. Come each week as we step-by-step help you to...
  • SHIFT-IT Online - Visual Coaching Retreat
    Onsale visual coaching online retreat desk filled with visual maps


    January 21, 2022

    SHIFT-IT Online - Visual Coaching Retreat

    VISUAL COACHING RETREAT Pandemic Prices: Save 50% Dive deep with like-minded and hearted people from across the globe. Visual techniques to draw your inner wisdom out. So you know how to be and do during these intense shift times. No art skills are required although if you are...
  • Shift Into Cryptos
    Shift Into Cryptos Course graphic with sketches of Chanel Monk and Christina Merkley


    February 17, 2022

    Shift Into Cryptos

    SHIFT INTO CRYPTOCURRENCIES Brand New Course – Exciting! A guided tour of the crypto space. A primer on how to safely buy, sell and store digital assets for folks with little or no experience with cryptocurrencies. Explains the fundamentals of blockchain and teaches you how to...
  • January 24 2022 OLS


    January 24, 2022

    January 24 2022 OLS

    VizVision! Your 2022 Vision and Goals as a Visual Practioner with Mathias Weitbrecht You live in turbulent times! Navigating yourself and your business might be a challenge. How to make 2022 your year of transformation? One thing: You need to know what you want! If not, then...
  • Make It Your Lettering Year
    Make It Your Lettering Year


    January 01, 2022

    Make It Your Lettering Year

    Have you always wanted to reach your lettering goals but weren’t sure how to get there? In this year-long course you will have an opportunity to learn the skills and techniques to build the confidence to “take the stage” with your lettering. Upon registration, you will have...
  • Level Up Your Lettering Virtual
    Level Up Your Lettering Virtual


    April 05, 2022

    Level Up Your Lettering Virtual

    The premier lettering course, Level Up Your Lettering VIRTUAL is now open for sign-ups. Level Up is really for keen, visual practitioners who have the basics of lettering down, understand my approach, and are ready to take their lettering to the next level. We cover all of...
  • Visual Coach Certification


    April 05, 2022

    Visual Coach Certification

    BECOME A VISUAL COACH: Visual Coach Certification includes 40 Visual Coaching moves at the core and advanced levels. 20 hours of client work, technology selection and instruction, case studies, direct supervision, and supportive international cohort.  Add the power of Visual...
  • November Membership Drive


    October 30, 2021

    November Membership Drive

    Looking for some savings before the holidays? Our Fall* campaign will run through December 5. The campaign offers 15% off the membership price for new and renewing members.   This includes a BONUS!  Paperlike ( is offering an iPad screen protector for 15% off...
  • Online by Design Workshop


    October 19, 2021

    Online by Design Workshop

    Learn online facilitation tools and techniques to ramp up fun, creativity, engagement, and collaboration. Your participation in this workshop gives you access to a DISCOUNT on our Online By Design Card Deck The Online by Design step-by-step approach focuses on: Creating...