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One Thing I learned From the Kids' Workshop I Ran This Summer

I organized a kids' visual communication workshop earlier this summer. It had taken some time for a couple of the kids to feel comfortable with drawing freely and 'making a mess'.

But I think it was much easier for those kids to let go of any negative beliefs they had about their artistic abilities than it was for the adults I trained in the past.
These young people simply didn't have a long-established self-image of someone who's no good at drawing—they were equally new to everything else in life.

Think Visual: The online class that changed the trajectory of my career

In September 2022, I put out a class on an online platform called Skillshare. I had spent months distilling what I learned about conceptualization in architecture school and making all of that as easy to understand as possible. 

That class ended up being Staff Picked by Skillshare and because of it, I was invited into an exclusive teachers' club on the platform where I'd receive benefits like guidance with making my videos, resources for improving my shots and entry to competitions. 

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