Hello! I'm Alexandra from Perú... the country of good food and touristic places to visit :-)

I have been in HR and Business Strategy for about 18 years. In 2017, I founded a consultancy firm, NaveLAB, and started working as a Visual Agile Facilitator. I currently also work as a Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist and I am starting my career as a UX designer and Illustrator. Working with social and innovative organizations truly fascinates me. I love using art, design and technology to spark innovative processes!

I can help you as a Visual Agile Facilitator, Visual Trainer and as an Illustrator (timelapse animations, infographics, etc). I can be your strategic partner and work with you to reach your and your team’s main goals and facilitate your business transformation.


Visualization Training, Graphic Recording, Visual Storytelling, Team Development Specialist, Psychoanalytic Psycotherapist


Visual Facilitation, Bikablo Basics Trainings, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy


Spanish, English