I live and work in the fabulous Minneapolis-St. Paul area and grew up in Chicago. I've years of experience in nonprofit management and community organizing. My grad degree was counseling psychology and I spent some time as an illustrator. I've done coursework in visual processes (graphic facilitation, scribing, and visual recording) with Christina Merkely, at the IFVP Conferences, 

As a graphic recorder, I put thoughts to paper using a mix of images, words and color so people can benefit from seeing their words made concrete. From neighborhood discussions to company training sessions, incorporating large visual records into your event or meeting helps people engage and enjoy presentations and conversations more. I've brought my markers and paper to nonprofits wanting to record important community conversations. Working together, we generate a mural sized hand-drawn visual that helps clarify vision and goals, simplify a work plan, or simply make a lively record of an important conversation. It's a productive way to work (and fun too!). See examples of my work at  www.avisualspark.com.


Graphic recording and illustration