Observe, collect and learn.

With a BFA in Illustration from Rochester Institute of Technology, Angela is formally trained in a variety of mediums and different fields of art. Living in upstate New York, she archives her experiences on paper and her Ipad. She is an illustrator and visual practitioner, using her skills to to help distill information and facilitate communication for business and social gatherings and events. 

Angela works closely with Lizard Brain based out of DC and attended her first IFVP in 2020 as a Scholar from NOVA Scribes. Angela specialties include Color and illustration and has taught workshops on the subjects. Much of her focus has been in communation and mental health working digitally traditionally.  She is passionate about capturing stories and perspectives that rival the standards of today. When she is not drawing, she is petting her dog, reading, and enjoying virtual coffee chats with friends.


Graphic Recording, Digital Scribing, Illustration, Portraiture , Visual Development, Workshops


Color, Mental Health, Studio Work, Live Graphic Recording, Digital Scribing