Anthony studied graphic design at the Berkshire College of Art and Design in the UK before working for five years as a creative at Y and R advertising agency in London. In 1993 he then moved to Barcelona, Spain where he has since been working as a professional illustrator and cartoonist, drawing regularly for international newspapers, magazines, books, advertising, TV (regularly drawing during live debate programmes) and theatre. His work has also been selected in numerous exhibitions worldwide including a regular artist at the annual World Press Cartoon exhibition. 

He is hired for corporate and private events worldwide for graphic facilitation and mind mapping, drawing either digitally on an iPad with the images projected onto large monitors or conventionally on flip charts, whiteboards etc. He also often draws quick caricatures for all types of events.  

Clients include Samsung, Huawei, Olympus, Audi, IBM, etc and has been hired for events all over Europe, the Middle East and Florida, USA.

Based in Barcelona and travels to events all over the world. He is English and speaks Spanish and Catalan fluently.

He is a member of APIC (Association of Professional Illustrators of Catalonia) and the UK Ambassador for United Sketches for Freedom



Graphic facilitation, graphic recording, mind mapping, all offered digitally on iPad or conventionally on flip charts, whiteboard etc, caricatures (digital and conventional) for events


In all of his work Anthony's aim is to inject a sense of humour together with lateral thinking to create dynamic and memorable results.


English, Spanish, Catalan,