I've spent more than 10 years working with different NGOs and business companies. This variety of experiences (working on improving gifted children education system, project management during contemporary dance and circus festivals, communication and marketing projects, innovative collaborative projects in businesses) allows me to see different connections and interesting collaboration opportunities, to find words, examples and metaphors.

I'm ussually the quiet one in the room. But you can imagine me with elephant ears. I watch, listen and make maps on paper connecting words and symbols. My work helps groups and people to see what is important and relevant to them, what is being repeated over and over again, what could be connected and made into something completely new!


My short bio:

  • 2016 January - now || Visual Practitioner @ ThinkVisually.lt
    • Helping to make complicated things simple with the power of visual thinking at workplaces, live events, conferences and world at large.
  • 2015 September - now || Facilitator, Communication specialist @ Talent Safari, Ltd.
    • Organization aims to help leaders in making strategic change and solving organizational challenges.
  • 2016 July - now || Climbing instructor and communication manager @ Montis Magia
    • First climbing gym in Lithuania
  • 2015 October - 2016 September || Sales and Marketing manager @ Values for Values
    • Project aimed at increasing social capital, corporate culture in a company.
  • 2014 July – 2015 July || COO @ Meno ir Verslo Sinergija, NGO
    • Space designed for leadership development and search for holistic decisions
  • 2013 September – 2015 July || Project coordinator @ Tegra State, Ltd
    • Developers and distributors of building materials in Europe and Asia
  • 2012 September – 2013 July || Project manager @ HAI, Ltd
    • Institute for leaders and organizations wishing for personal transformation
  • 2010 February – 2012 September || Project manager @ National students academy, NGO
    • Educational project aiming at helping gifted children




Graphic recording, graphic facilitation, visual thinking workshops for beginners


Lithuanian, English