Belinda Marie Jackson is a visual strategist, organizational planner, and possibility ignitor who believes pictures are a powerful tool for creating positive change. With extensive knowledge of instructional design, teaching, and coaching, she has held progressive team, project management and intrapreneurial leadership roles in the education sector for the past 20 years. Adept at cultivating partnerships and building lasting relationships across various sectors, including governmental and executive level communications, Belinda uses visual strategy, powerful questions, and engaging planning tools to propel teams, and individuals from vision to meaningful impact.

As principal visual coach & strategist at Picture it Possible: visual strategy + facilitationⓇ Belinda helps leaders, career-changers, entrepreneurs, and organizations talk through their ideas and capture their brilliance with stunning visuals. Many people get stuck on their ideas; they feel "all over the place" or can't see the big picture. Belinda interviews and guides clients through their plans, challenges, and aha moments while simultaneously capturing their insights graphically. Clients walk away from her sessions with more clarity and confidence, and a beautiful, easy to follow visual map they can use to simplify, remember and organize their big ideas.

Whether it's mapping out a career-changer's story to help them develop a personal life plan for the year ahead or helping a business owner clarify and refine ideas for a new venture or product, Belinda’s work helps people finally stop ruminating and start moving forward!

Belinda holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Hampton University, a master’s degree in teaching from Fordham University, and a graduate certificate in administration and supervision from Johns Hopkins University. She is a member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners and the Mid-Atlantic Facilitators Network, and has certifications in teaching, instructional design, and various facilitation techniques.


Visual Coaching, Graphic Recording, Strategic Planning, Graphic Facilitation, Lego® Serious Play® Method, Report Visualizations, Custom Illustrations