For me, visualization is not about 'beautiful' drawings, but whether or not a drawing helps people to understand, share and remember. Information overload is all around us. Talking or writing is no longer enough. It's only logical to make people SEE what they are talking about, to make it stick. 

I work with simple shapes and strong lines. What is most important for me, is to capture those key elements that evoke a sense of recognition. In my previous career I worked in content, communications and consultancy. That's how I learned to really listen, process information fast and to capture the essence of a conversation.



Videoscribing - explainer videos, Storybook for business - Vision and why stories, Graphic Recording - live visual summaries ( only remote - digital), Functional Drawing one-day-training (Visual Framework) - on hold during Corona


Turn information into STORY, Inspire others to work in a more VISUAL way, Capture the ESSENCE of conversations


Dutch, English