I write, speak and teach on drawing as a powerful thinking tool.

A leader in the field, I've worked as a graphic facilitator for twenty years. In 2012, I compiled my experience and ideas into The Graphic Facilitator's Guide: how to use your listening, thinking and drawing skills to make meaning. Visual thinking pioneer Nancy Margelius praised the book, "Congratulations to Brandy Agerbeck, who captured all the key information, all the more subtle tacit knowledge and tons of helpful hints all in one clearly-presented book. I predict that Agerbeck's book will eventually be referred to as the Graphic Facilitation Bible." I'm happy and proud that the book has an international audience and has helped readers do better work.

While I am thankful for my career being the one person in the room drawing for the group, I am now building the side of my business of speaking and teaching everyone in the room to draw out their ideas for themselves. I will soon finish my second book, The Idea Shapers: The power of putting your thinking in your own hands. Based on my 2013 TEDx talk, Shape Your Thinking, cultural analyst and author Patricia Martin calls it, "A new alphabet for the visual age."

I welcome the opportunity to support your event with the best use of visual, spatial and kinesthetic tools. Transforming your discussion into a tangible drawing frees your mind to focus, make more connections, generate new ideas and understand your work in new ways. I work as a visual, silent partner to the lead facilitator, and can work as much as a collaborative partner or as a solo support as you would like me to be. 

My strengths  as a graphic facilitator:

★ 22 years experience, from small startups to Fortune 500, from education to government to nonprofits to corporations.

★ Superstar in synthesis, finding patterns and making connections in your events, making integrated images.

★ Excells in non-event work, creating synthesized images to explain complex topics.

★ Utmost professionalism.

★ Adaptability. Can follow your lead whether you are looking for more collaboration or more autonomy.

 I welcome questions. I am open and honest about when graphic facilitation works well and when it doesn't, to help you get the most value from having a visual practitioner at your event. If you are looking for a speaker or trainer on visual thinking, please don't hesitate to reach out.



GRAPHIC FACILITATOR since 1996, strength in synthesis, TRAINER in the best use of visual tools, SPEAKER of interactive keynotes, leads THE LAB, a 3-day immersion into visual thinking, AUTHOR of The Graphic Facilitator's Guide and The Idea Shapers, Co-EDITOR of Drawn Together Through Visual Practice