Executive Director & co-founder, Brenda holds an Honours degree in Education (2nd Class, Upper Division) from the University of South Australia. Brenda specialises in helping individuals and teams connect and utilise their resources of diversity and creativity for organisational success.

Brenda is Trailblazer Associate International’s resident Visual Practitioner.  She captures Stories in visual forms to help clients make meaning of their changing contexts, and to gain clarity about their preferred futures.

Proficient in the use of educational and training methodologies as a trained educator, Brenda’s facilitated workshops are well-received by participants for their learning value and humour. The applied psychology-based insights which are infused into her training are packed with theoretical ‘nuggets’ and powerful real-time applications that positively impact human performance and relationships.

She uses the DiSC Personality Profile System, the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument and the Emergenetics profile to provide participants with the vocabulary to harness the potential in their midst. Brenda is especially expert in using these tools in brain-based learning and teaching, creative thinking and teambuilding contexts. She has a keen eye for instructional design and is responsible for producing our learning materials.

Brenda is highly curious and enjoys the creative process. Brenda's current interest includes long-distance cycling and writing about her parenting journey with her three children.


Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitator, Large Group Facilitator, Illustrator, VideoScribe Animator, Trainer, Educator


Graphic Recording, Workshop Facilitator, VideoScribe Animator