My name is Chung Le but you can call me by my nickname Chun. 

I has been seeking for the answers of "who am I?" and "What am I here on Earth as a human for?" 

Now I think I found the answers. And the things that helped me to accomplish was Meditation and Buddhism. I am just me and I am just doing what I am doing without any doubts. No matter how big or small the things that I am doing, I am just willing to do it. Just like the way I accepted the invitation from IFVP for being the first IFVP Scholar of Brenda Tan Scholarship, which I always feel grateful and love about. 

I believe that being an IFVP member means I am on my way  and the Universe has chosen me because of my willingness to just take actions and try my best in everything I do. 

2 months ago (July 2021), during the Covid Pandemic in Viet Nam, I thought of how to help my community to find Peace in any circumstances they were facing. As myself at that time feeling so peaceful and calm even in the hardest time we've ever seen, I questioned myself "How can I be like that while others can't?" and "What was the difference that made me feel such way?". 

I realized, before that, I started practicing as a Buddhist and I meditated almost everyday. That way I had been mostly experiencing a really comfortable zone myself. I really wanted to help others feel like me, instead of digging deeper in fears, anxiety and so many other negative thoughts I could observe. But the problem at the time was, Meditation had sounded so strange and hard to most people around me. I had to try to find some other ways to connect them with Meditation without making them feel unsafe. 

So I woke up in a morning, just grabbed my phone and posted a challenge on facebook called #Doodle_with _Meditation. I challenged people from all kinds of ages and backgrounds to start doodling in 21 days, and submit their doodles on Sketchnote Viet Nam Community. At that time, my community was having around 19,000 members. After the first week of the challenge, I was shocked knowing that my post reached out to thousands of people, not only Vietnamese, but some other foreigners also joined in a way that I couldn't ever expected. After 2 months, my community now has more than 29,200 members. Through the community meetups twice a month, we invited people to draw Mandala and an Ancient Vietnamese Mandala called Trong Dong Dong Son (an Ancient Vietnamese Drums Design) to remind them of our History.  

When I surveyed our members by asking "Tell one thing Viet Nam Sketchnote Community has brought to you?", my heart was melted reading their comments. They said "In here, we can feel the Peace, Love, family members, Passion, great Habits, Patience and even...Lovers". Now we continue with another challenge named #Calligraphy_with_Meditation to encourage people to keep practicing and having Peace along the process of Practice anything, not just Doodling or Calligraphy. 

The next question is "Okay, I am doing what I am doing for my country and It helps. Why don't I do this to the World if It helps?". This question has inspired me so much while being in IFVP community. For me, Visualization not only brings us Wisdom but it can spread Peace and Love around the World without barriers like Languages, Skins, Economies... Because if we are doing what we are doing by the hearts, then the hearts attract each others. 

I would love to thank IFVP, Brenda, Leah, Sunny and all of you for accepting me as an IFVP member. I appreciate all your supports and contributions to this community. 


With Love and Gratitude,