Hello, Mi name is Claudia. I’m a visual facilitator and strategic illustrator for social justice and organizations that seek to create a better world for all of us. 

My goal is that people feel heard and seen through my work. That visualizing their truths and experiences help reveal the collective wisdom in the room. That it supports collaboration and understanding that can help us move towards meaningful change and the transformation we seek.

It is powerful and vulnerable work to hold, interpret and visualize people's stories while recognizing that their lives, experiences and identities are different from mine. As such I work with humility and care. Acknowledging diversity and difference of race, gender, ability, language and power. I try my best to attend to them in ways that don't perpetuate dominant or oppressive narratives in my representations; and invite people to talk to me and edit anything that may have been mis-represented.

I ground how I work on the values of:

  • Creativity. I believe creativity is a key lever for change and it's a door to authentic expression. I hope my work activates that in others. 
  • Wholeheartedness and Generosity. All I do, I do with deep care, heart and passion.
  • Partnership. I believe our best work comes when we are in community with people. When we hold each other with trust and generosity and tap on each other's strengths.
  • Understanding. The world is complex. We are complex. I believe that when we understand ourselves we can choose to grow. When we understand others we can be more empathetic. When we understand systems we can begin to change them. My hope is to make the complex more accessible and in doing so, foster the understanding needed to move forward. 

I was born and raised in Mexico and I currently live in Brooklyn, NY. I am fluent in English and Spanish and happy to support you in either language.  I am a mama to two amazing kids whom I call “Rice & Bean”. I am dreamer, tinkerer, Macgyverer and traveler.

If you are curious about my professional experience read below:

I have a BA in international business. I worked in communications strategy and advertising for about 10 years, which gave me really good experience on thinking strategically, that I carry into my scribing work. I'm trained as a leadership & life coach, which sharpened the way I listen when I'm graphic recording. And for the past few years the focus of my work has been supporting social justice organizations in a variety of issues, particularly gender-based violence, and work at the intersections of race and gender.  To do this work, I've attended and supported race, equity and liberation trainings, gender trainings and always try to deepen my analysis by being in relationship with amazing facilitators and organizations in the field and reading books that help me see and understand history and systems of oppression.

Let me know how I can support the work you do! You can reach me at: claudia@ontherightmind.com



Graphic facilitation & recording, strategic illustration, digital sketchnotes & recording , Creative jumpstarts and visual thinking trainings, Check out more details here: https://adobe.ly/2ylCZD3


Communication strategy, Ideation, Collaborative practices, Training, Deep understanding of equity & social justice field. Particularly around race, gender, immigration, and intersectionality of movement efforts


English, Spanish