Corrie Melanson, MA, is an experienced process facilitator, trainer, and graphic recorder based in Halifax, NS. As a graphic recorder, Corrie listens intently to capture key messages and outcomes, propelling group work to a new level of understanding and action. Her work with participants maximizes group dynamics, validates different learning styles, results-oriented approaches that lead to innovative and tangible outcomes. interests, and opinions while focusing on key objectives and outcomes.


Corrie excels at designing and facilitating dynamic change processes that build on individual and organizational strengths. As a process facilitator, she works with clients to develop effective learning and change processes that foster inclusion, collaboration and creativity.


Corrie’s training sessions are highly interactive, engaging, and chock-full of hands-on practice. And when the laughter, sharing, and insightful discussions are done, you’ll return to work ready to apply everything you’ve learned.


facilitation, graphic recording, graphic facilitation


English/ Spanish