For more than twenty years, I have been working in a demanding business world whose complexity, in my opinion, is constantly increasing. During my time with an international management consultancy, I was involved in many projects, and I also managed numerous projects myself.

Finder of the red thread: I have many years of experience in strategic market development, have built up a network in Switzerland and abroad and have developed a client portfolio. During the strategy planning and the subsequent implementation of the strategy, I benefited from the fact that I can grasp the basic points of a matter very quickly and simply get to the point (I definitely got the analytical side from my father, an engineer).

From speaking to picture: Be it strategy development, market development, product sales or project work: success sets in when everyone involved is talking about the same thing - and means the same thing.

Making complex topics understandable: I have made the experience that visualizations help to do exactly that: to talk about the same things and to mean the same things. For this reason I work with visualizations in my consulting (the drawing side clearly comes from my mother, an artist).

Conveying messages, ideas and people: The combination of analytical getting to the point and visual implementation: this is what I use for my work with speakture.

I work in Swiss German, German and English, and in certain settings in French and Russian.


Visual Consulting, Graphic Recording, Infographs, Videos


Visual Consulting, Process visualisations, Graphic Recording, Infograph Design


German, English, French, Czech, Russian