For more than 20 years, I have navigated the international business landscape, and since 2017, I have been running my own company. Early on, I recognized that in the world of business, regardless of the nature of the work, interpersonal communication is what matters most. I attribute great importance to visuals, as I believe that they effectively complement spoken words and serve as a versatile means of communication. Visualizing is a fundamental skill alongside speaking, reading, and writing.

Integrating visuals into meetings and workshops is easier than you might think – and remarkably impactful. Images simplify many aspects, enhance understanding, and reduce complexity by directing focus to what matters most in the moment. People are naturally drawn to visuals because we cannot help but think in pictures.

My mission is to bring more visualizations into everyday work: I achieve this through Graphic Recording (live drawing during workshops or conferences), strategic visualisations (such as value or target visuals), and conducting visualisation workshops (both in-house and public). Additionally, I work as a speaker and lecturer on Visual Thinking.

I work in Swiss German, German, English, and in certain settings in French.


Graphic Recording, Business Visuals, Sketchnotes, Visualisation Workshops, Visual Consulting, Lecturing


Process visualisations, Strategy visualisation, Mission and vision, Service design, Visual thinking


German, English, French