I'm a French artist and visual facilitator based in Barcelona. My specialty is to capture the essence of the event and share it in real time to stimulate empathy, understanding and connection of the audience. I work with live projection or mural, in English, French, Spanish & Catalan. I work as a freelance for companies, public administrations and foundations (among others Chupa Chups, Alcon, Astellas, ManpowerFrance, Barcelona’s Council, la Generalitat de Catalunya, Agencia de Salut Pública de Barcelona, Consell Comarcal del Maresme, Obra social la Caixa...) and for festivals and corporative events.

I place draw and visual thinking at the service of people, team and organisation to visualize better the ideas and facilitate collective processes.

With the graphic recording I synthetize and illustrate the key concepts of a conversation.

With visual facilitation I design and support collective processes that explore other ways to face challenges using intuition and creativity.

For events related to performance or live experience, I use spontaneous paintings to document the strong moments building in live a visual, sensitive and artistic storytelling. That is what I call liveCapturing.


Graphic recording, Graphic facilitation, Teambuilding / Interactive painting, Visual thinking training, Live capturing (live "retreat" of the experience through expressive paintings), Live painting performing


French, English, spanish, Catalan