I am Ed Post, visual scriber

Actually, I have always been visually oriented. I was always drawing at school. Sometimes I literally had to find the text between the drawings. After my career as a freelance photographer (well, image hey) I ended up in ICT within the government. In addition to my job as a project leader, I am also a process supervisor and facilitator to be able to use my creativity. And I already made extensive use of drawings there. I love breaking through rusted patterns, shaking things up, inspiring each other. Only after the Visual facilitator course in 2015 did things really change. Images are super powerful, I want to experience the group and especially help them further. I am an enthusiastic, goal-oriented but flexible facilitator, process supervisor, scrum master and Agile coach. The facilitator guides, as the word says. Creative in thinking, devising and facilitating. Brainstorming sessions, Visual facilitation, graphic recording. A visual facilitator provides more impact during and after a meeting. On the spot, it enriches dialogue, encounters and ideas. Afterwards, the visuals can be used as (internal) means of communication and online content