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As a visual practitioner I am able to combine my improve skills with my drawing skills to bring life and fun to meetings if need be!

As storyboard artist I am tasked with getting the ball rolling, to make the written story a little more transparent, before time, energy, people your reputation and a dump truck full of money is committed to a project. Its just a sketch after all. It's where you start, right after you get the go ahead on a project, when you may have some anxiety about just what you are going to do. Its a road map, not too much detail, so nobody gets locked down to a direction or a design or a script too soon. A storyboard opens posibilities, brings up questions about the art direction, production design, casting, locations, props, graphic design, animations and especially story, it can aslo inform you of what you dont want more often than not. 

I work closely with directors to help them visualize their concepts for film and television. I love this work its intense and interesting and I've been at it for 25 years. 

Gratitude for the people I meet in this job. Pretty humbling working with some of these amazing folks and companies through the years.

Specialties: Storyboards, cartoon, architectural renderings, two legged animals and four legged animals.


Visual practitioner, storyboard artist, comp artist, cartoonist, logos, graphic design


Visual practitioner, storybords