With a career of over 25 years in advertising, graphic design, illustration, and visual facilitation, and 13 years as a professor of Advertising and Creative Thinking at Sheridan College's Pilon School of Business, Ontario, Canada, Iryna brings to her work a wealth of skills and knowledge in teaching, creativity and visual work. Passionate about making a meaningful difference in the way people experience learning, Iryna is dedicated to preparing our youth to become creative problem solvers and co-creators in the ever-changing world that demands innovative thinking skills. Iryna holds a B.A. in Fine Arts, a Masters Degree in Creative Studies, a Graduate Certificate in Creativity and Change Leadership, and a Certificate in Visual Facilitation. Iryna has created a Visual Toolkit for Teaching Business which can be found at https://source.sheridancollege.ca/business_visual_toolkit/


Tools and workshops for teaching visually in higher education, Creative Problem Solving facilitation, Graphic facilitation and recording, Poster design, Whiteboard animaton


Facilitation and workshops, Visual Toolkit for Teaching Business, Design and illustration: studio work


English, Ukrainian