I have spent 20 years as a management consultant, facilitator and executive coach co owing a successful training and development company.  I now specialise in bringing graphic facilitation and recording to a corporate setting.  

I use my graphic facilitation skills to help companies and teams define their vision, mission, values and strategy either at a corporate or project or change programme level.  

I use graphic facilitation in my coaching practice and often handover the pens so my clients can have a go to shape and visualise their future goals

I love to live scribe at large conferences and meetings.

I think a USP for my services is my skill in enabling groups to articulate their thinking whether this is as a traditional facilitator or as a graphic facilitator.  My years of experience in this field have honed my listing and assimilation skills.  I can create thinking processes and I am qualified in numerous areas of development around ~Emotional Intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry, NLP, MBTI, DISK and many more.  This brings deep insights into my work and helps me put people at ease and alllows them to make the most of their time when they are working in groups


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