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Jaya combines executive coaching and facilitation with visual thinking. She believes in the power of visuals and incorporates them into her work. She has seen the positive impact of visuals on the participants and how bikablo techniques open the door to visual thinking and dialogue. She loves the structured bikablo approach which enables everyone to make their work more visual.

Jaya has a strong foundation of 20+ years in senior management positions in the corporate world. She thrives in cross cultural environments and is passionate about learning and growth. 

She is based in Singapore and holds Swiss and French passports and is an Overseas Citizen of India. She enjoys traveling, good food and wine. Besides, she is a Neuland reseller and also sells tools for collaboration throughout Asia.

Jaya conducts bikablo visual facilitation training sessions in Singapore & South East Asia and would be delighted to connect with you to answer any questions you may have. 


Certified Bikablo visual trainer, Visual Facilitation Training, Neuland Reseller in Asia, Tools for Collaboration


English, French