I'm Jenny Trautman, the Principal Consultant at Same Page People. When you team up with me, you'll have a strategic ally in your corner, helping you plan, align your team, and grow your business while navigating change like a pro.

With nearly 30 years of rolling up my sleeves to develop plans with clients – from early-stage startups to mature global industry leaders – I bring tailored insights and practical guidance to help you pinpoint your key challenges and opportunities around strategy and performance.

When we join forces, you'll tap into my expertise in strategic planning, strategy implementation, and change management – built on a foundation of business strategy, engineering methods to improve decision-making, and visual techniques that fuel collaboration across teams.

As an IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator, I've led hundreds of strategic planning sessions that seamlessly balance a structured agenda with the flexibility to address critical, unplanned topics as they arise. This adaptable approach ensures we stay focused on top priorities while also tackling important concerns head-on. You'll see how my visual processes can supercharge engagement, creativity, and big-picture thinking, all while navigating the dynamic nature of strategic discussions.

To experience how my unique blend of expertise can help you turn your strategy into an actionable plan, let’s connect for a free Same Page Strategy Session. We'll discuss aligning your leadership team, co-creating a clear and actionable plan, and gaining buy-in for successful implementation. You will discover practical steps to engage your employees and dramatically accelerate the planning process. And if, at the end, you're interested in how I could help you implement these ideas, we can explore that further.


Strategic Planning, Strategy Execution, Change Management, Visual Facilitation


Collaborative Planning, Executive Engagement & Alignment, Operationalizing Strategic Plans