I love helping people learn, express, think, create, and inspire so they can do good things. 

Feel free to contact me via http://www.visualizegood.co/contact/ 

Ways I can help you:

*Illustrated Conference Wrap Talks. I will participate in your event, soak up the talks, interview attendees, and turn my learning into hand drawn illustrations. I'll use the drawings  projected on the big screen to accompany my funny and insightful conference wrap talk. It's a unique way to reinforce what your conference is all about.

*Get your conference goers drawing. I’ll do a quick drawing lesson for everyone, then I’ll get everybody to draw their own conference takeaways and share them with their neighbor. This locks in learning, gives people a mental shift, and encourages 'em to be social. 

*I'll draw big hand drawn visual notes (AKA Graphic Recording) at your event. These vivid graphics help folks connect with the ideas that have been bouncing around the room in a way that sticks. Then we put them up to make an instant “memory gallery.” Great for the visual learners out there!

*Stuck designing a process or product? I will run a visual thinking “unsticking” session with you your team. I help you get the information out of your head into pictures and diagrams on a whiteboard. This leads to insights into how to move forward.

Who am I? I’m just a guy in who helps clients visualize learning, engagement, and creativity from Stockholm to Vegas. In my quest to visualize good, I work with clients from the UN, to DroidconNYC, to Ben & Jerry’s to help them plan projects, visualize opportunities, and create great meeting experiences. Along the way I studied creative writing, got a masters degree in tech at NYU, performed stand-up comedy, displayed my visual art in front of thousands, taught designers how to draw, and delivered custom illustrated talks at many events. Are you ready to visualize great conference and meeting experiences? If so, get in touch: http://www.visualizegood.co/contact/ 





Graphic recording, strategic illustration, participatory drawing, visual problem solving, visual ideation, visual thinking training, design thinking, event speaking


Primary: English. Conversational: Spanish, Hebrew, Tok Pisin