Julia Reich is the CEO (Chief Easel Officer) of creative consultancy Stone Soup Creative. She is a graphic recorder who draws live in real time at conferences, meetings, classes and other events. She does this either in-person on a large scale, using paper and markers; or virtually, drawing on her iPad during a remote meeting while participants watch her drawing of the discussion take shape. Julia makes conversations visible, helping drive discussions and decisions, and adds color to a normal and maybe less colorful day. 

"If you have the opportunity to work with a skilled Graphic Recorder, I encourage you to do so for three reasons.  The resulting artwork can be thought of as “all wrapped up with a bow,” a valuable and lovely gift.  I also love to think of Julia’s graphics as an “archery bow” that launches forth these ideas to a faraway target:  I hope that these images help engage new audiences who will be more interested in Critical Friends Group work and Coaches’ Training.  Last, I offer an “honorific bow” of humble gratitude to Julia because her work helped make me (and more importantly, the training) look better, it helped me think better about my training practice as it was reflected back to me, it helps me plan better for my next opportunity to teach or train others, in which I will now teach using words that may be represented graphically in individuals’ own notebooks." - Luci McKean, Trainer and Facilitator, National School Reform Faculty, https://nsrfharmony.org/




Graphic recording, graphic facilitation, brand strategy, graphic design, infographics, logo design , training, speaking


Marker & paper, iPad digital drawing, animated explainer videos, infographics, animated GIFs, Facilitation