Julie Stuart

Julie works with overwhelmed execs, divisive teams that don’t trust each other, stakeholders co-creating a new vision, and organizations that need an injection of strategy and inspiration fast. She regularly impresses clients with a blend of strategic and creative thinking that helps her clients think differently and get breakthrough results with real alignment.

Her business and strategy background comes directly out of politics where she worked on campaigns and legislation, aligning disparate stakeholders around common purpose. She has a political science degree from Purdue University and is steeped in organizational development from many years of management and board leadership.                                       

As a photographer and artist with a Masters in Fine Art, Julie brings creative agility to her clients, helping them visualize and design strategic, elegant solutions to their challenges and visually map the way forward. This is the art of emerging an IDEA into ACTION.

When she’s not globe-trotting with her clients, Julie DJ’s and dances the 5 Rhythms, paints large-scale and dreams about being a graffiti artist, gets on a paddleboard as often as possible, and plots about her next career where her uniform is a bikini and sarong.

Making Ideas Visible

At Making Ideas Visible, we are inspired by people like you. Innovative thinkers, thoughtful visionary leaders, creators and collaborators. People who are passionate about positive change -- whether in your company, your team, your neighborhood or around the globe.

We are visual thinkers and strategists--experts at drawing connections and revealing bold new ideas. Our terrain is EMERGENCE, the fertile space where ideas come to life.  We have a keen understanding of how collective intelligence can be harnessed through conversation and brought to life in large scale visualizations delivering clarity, cohesion and alignment.

We’ll design your experience collaboratively based on your needs and goals. We have deep roots in the Art of Hosting community of practice and use processes like the World Cafe and Open Space often.

Together, we’ll achieve meaningful dialogue, strategic deliberation and positive actionable outcomes. We’ll create the possibility for something momentous to happen — even something that could change the world.




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