I tailor-make creative services ​to help you uncover what resonates with your audience and share it beyond the aha moment, into the spaces that need to experience them most. 

If you're at all curious about how we can work together, let's hop on a call and apply some imagination!
No pressure or sales pitch, pinky swear.

Here are a few words about how I came to do this work, and came to love meeting others where meaning is made.

Something like 70% of communication is non-verbal.

And at an early age, I learned that non-verbal signals were required for navigating complex relationships.  Noticing an off tone of voice or hint of tension guided me through conflicting storylines and feelings, and helped me to read what was left between the lines.  

​Drawing became my outlet - my way of making sense of uncertainty and confusion. I could express feelings as color, and use lines and patterns to put order where there was none. But I had a tough time expressing even my most basic feelings and thoughts with words. 

But words really matter.

Eventually I was confronted with topics that called me to genuinely engage with the verbal. Subject-matter experts, teachers, and advocates activated me with their messages and conceptual frameworks.
The training sessions I attended often included breakout sessions. Those breakout groups always needed two volunteers: One to report and one to scribe.
By now you know I was less inclined to be the reporter, but I often volunteered to be the scribe.  Inspired by these discussions, I took  clear notes, connected themes and captured the feeling of the group.  I could see where the gaps were, where the opportunities could emerge. More importantly, so could the others in my group as they contributed to the notes in real-time.

The scribe in me emerged.

Drawing gave me the ability to process and connect, but scribing showed me where meaning is made.

Meaning is made where individual perspectives collide with the collective understanding.  

​The reality is that collisions are seldom clean. There are mixed messages, and winding trains of thought. There is a sea of detail, and great uncertainty. There is laughter, awkward silence, pregnant pause.  There are lumps in throats, goosebumps and roaring applause.

​So let’s meet there.

We can hold on to what truly resonates with your audience, organization or team, and share it beyond the aha moment, into the spaces that need to experience them most.


Live Graphic Recording (In-Person and Remote), Graphic Facilitation, Illustration, Animation