You are probably familiar with work meetings with a full agenda and complex topics. Things don't really progress, some of the staff lean back yawning and switch off. The group may not have a common understanding of the topic to be discussed, everyone is standing somewhere else and understands something different. But the meeting must go through....  How can it bring the desired results?

As a Visual Practitioner I have skills and tools to I loosen up your meetings. I create lively, interesting, exciting and productive meetings for you.

I channel all kinds of your communication in a professional and unique way. I open doors through which you and your employees want to pass!

How do I do that?

As Visual Facilitator I am the process and dialogue facilitator at your work meetings, workshops, personnel, team and organization developments etc.. I use methods of group work and creativity techniques. I visualize in real time and create dialogue maps. For self-directed exchange in groups I design layout templates and work posters.

I also offer one-on-one coaching on a variety of personal and professional topics.

As Graphic Recorder, I visualize your presentation and dialogue situations simultaneously on the graphic wall or remotely on the tablet. The resulting image is the prelude to conversation on a deeper level.

As Information Illustrator and Visual Knowledge Facilitator I visualize and structure information and create subject and knowledge maps.

With these approaches you and your staff are exchanging ideas lively and working collaboratively on the topics while having the same understanding of the content.

I developed this passion during more than 10 years of work experience in international cooperation as a project manager, consultant, trainer and knowledge manager. I have been going deeper into the topic of visual facilitation with various advanced training courses and expanded and updated my expertise.

The basis for my success is the combination of my studies in applied linguistics and my enthusiasm for creative work and artistic design which has existed since childhood.

In addition to visualization expertise my skills include workshop & training design, large group procedures, creativity techniques, innovation skills & knowledge, multimedia learning, psychology of learning and instructional design, as well as intercultural competence and communication.

How do we get together?

I'll either come to you or we'll meet on the web. I offer all my services for both face-to-face and digital formats.

I look forward to working with you! Don’t hesitate and contact me!


Visual Meeting Facilitation | Visual Consulting | Visual Coaching | Visual Storytelling | Graphic Recording | Illustration of Infographics


Professional Facilitator | Trainer | Certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator | Innovation Professional


German, English, Spanish