Although I spent many years in the technology industry I've always had a passion for drawing. I always looked for the big picture and easily made connections, often helping others to resolve problems and reach their goals. After various management and sales positions, I ended up running visually facilitated strategy sessions for the corporate clients in Silicon Valley, New York and London. In this capacity I helped teams create visions and plans to transform their businesses.   In 2017 I co-founded JIXSO to help organisations and individuals create better strategies. JIXSO does this by means of graphic facilitation, design thinking and visual story-telling. JIXSO promotes a holistic approach. Seeing the big picture helps creating insights and allows people to make connections necessary to move in the right direction.   


graphic facilitation, graphic recording, visual storytelling, training, visual selling


digital transformation, business strategy, vision creation, culture change, storytelling, sales, energy efficiency, circular economy, ecosystems thinking


English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German