Leah is a graphic designer with an emphasis on graphic meeting documentation, information graphics, and illustration. Graphic recorders capture thoughts, ideas, and experiences in real time through graphics and text. Her company, DesignbyLeah, is based in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. She partners as a knowledge worker and graphic recorder with facilitation and communication companies throughout the United States and Canada. Leah works with Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and foundations, supporting clients in the automotive, banking, healthcare, pharma, manufacturing, transportation, and education industries, among others.

Before forming her own company, Leah was the designer and office manager/event planner for LaunchCyte, LLC, a biotech development company, where she created logos, brochures, business plans, and websites for the company and its portfolio startups. Prior to that, she managed a blues club for 11 years and marketed her beaded jewelry and hand-painted clothing to boutiques.

Leah has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and would like to someday complete the master’s degree in media arts that she started at Chatham University.


Graphic recording/documentation, Illustration