"You can only lead a conversation if you are ready to listen" -

Visual Selling® is all about visualizing your customer’s impact points, then co-creating the best solutions - together.

I am Marko Hamel, a former consultant and trainer for SAP technology, information security and process integration, and one of the founders of the visual consulting company "Visual Selling" and co-author of the books "Visual Selling: The Workbook for Visualizing Live in Customer Meetings" + “Toolbox for B2B Sales”. As an engineer with a strong business process background I love to analyze, uncover and solve our customers’ needs live with digital pen and paper.

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Since 2019 I am auniversity lecturer at the Master Degree Program for Technical Sales Management at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt in Austria.
In this context we created an Open Lecture to show how sales people can bring the B2B customer conversations to the digital world. You can find the details of this session below:




With Visual Selling we believe in the power of working and selling remotely and analyze customer needs using pen and paper. Afterwards, we can combine the wisdom of all stakeholder to co-create new concepts and powerful solutions to solve the customers problem. And finally it is all about closing and signing the deal - and roll-out.


Already in 2016, we created the award-winning Virtual Live Classroom "The art of Visual Selling for an effective customer dialogue”. That was delivered to almost 800 sales consultants worldwide. It won the European Prize for Training, Consulting and Coaching: Bronze Laureate 2016/2017 at the international exhibition "Zukunft Personal" (EN: future of HR). This training was ordered by SAP and was a huge success for the sales force. According to the research company EMPLAY and their Sales Impact Measurement Program 2016, the Visual Selling program shortened the overall sales cycle by up to 30% and increased sales by 22%.

Video: European Prize for Training, Consulting and Coaching: Bronze Laureate


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