In 2005, when I first stepped into the working field of facilitation and visualization, my greatest concern was to contribute to this ever-changing world and to encourage the potential of others. That has not changed. And still today, I see my activity as a contribution to adding value to society and businesses. I believe that my contribution, may it be as small as it is, has an effect on the systems in which I operate.

And this is where it comes down to my personal, and our shared attitude, at Visual Facilitators: we at Visual Facilitators are contributors to the success of a new dimension of collaboration, projects, organization and leadership.

We perceive ourselves to be co-developers of a living, healthy organizational culture which is full of possibilities. This is both meaningful to us personally as well as to the purpose of our organization, particularly when we have had the pleasure of accompanying our clients safely, with many good experiences, and profitably through their own and individual transformative process!

We operate from the perspective of a systemic totality, and from the attitude of awareness, observation, methodical intervention, feedback/building of awareness, self-organization and adaptation to the process. We are excited when moving forward in a process – when a new structure presents itself, where the values, goals and vision come to life, and the entire system works together.

To lead Visual Facilitators with this vision and continue to evolve it is both fulfilling to me personally and a challenge. I feel much responsibility in view of recent rapid development within our field of practice. The wealth of experience since 2005, and the fact that visualization / facilitation was a rather limited community until just a few years ago, makes me a conscious, careful co-creator to this field of activity – always having the client and the previously mentioned co-creation of change in view.

In the field of facilitation, I stand for a mindful approach that includes subtle levels. To this purpose, I integrate „not-yet-known“ of the New, bring together the human and technical dimension, and create / co-create spaces in which the „next“ can emerge. And the creation and maintenance of contact and relation, as well as personal integrity are an important part of this.

In the field of visualization, my abilities to listen well, to be able to process large amounts of information, my creativity, my ability to recognize patterns, to integrate perspectives and meta-views add to my work. The incorporation of visualization into existing processes as well as long-term thinking characterizes me as well. I am successful in my ability to convey complex issues in a comprehensible way through simple tools. I am author of the German book „Co-Create! Das Visualisierungs-Buch“, published by Wiley Publ.: www.das-visualisierungs-buch.de

For IFVP I am interested in contributing to shaping our professional field in a manner that carries it responsibly into the future. For me this includes IFVP’s international development, regional chapters, member and community benefits and everything around the topic of quality.


Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitation, Explanatory Videos, Strategic Visualization, Facilitation, Organizational Development, Process Consulting, Online Courses, Training


Team size: 35+ , intuition, integral theory, transformational facilitation