I am a graphic recorder and sketchnote artist for live, hybrid and virtual events. I work on paper and markers, as well as stylus and screen in Adobe Illustrator streamed live from my studio or on location.  I work with clients ahead of an event to learn as much about a particular topic or talk as possible.

I listen and illustrate conversations on industrial technology, medical devices, trauma, Native American issues, professional organizations, brainstorming events, organizational development, government policy,  healthcare experience, legal organizations, and exciting industries like wire and cable.  I'm always up for a challenge!

I am an electrical engineer by education, an artist by choice, a salesman by necessity, and an illustrator by skill and experience. My career has been eclectic. I've designed handheld computers to count penguins in Antarctica, created digitally printed wall mural designs for hotels across the United States from within a large corporation, I've been silo hunting to sell industrial control systems to plastics manufacturers, I've fought against human trafficking, integrated information systems, worked as an SEO centric blogger, and I dabble in recipe videos. This wide array of experiences has helped me develop a broad level of knowledge in a variety of industries, sectors, and markets. Having a history of learning and growing makes me extremely dangerous and beneficial as a graphic recorder.



Giant Sketchnotes, Graphic Recording, Virtual Graphic Recording, Strategic Planning Illustration, Brainstorming Events, Process Maps and Customer Journeys


Virtual Events using Adobe Illustrator and a proprietary tool chain, Technology Explanation, IoT, Industry 4.0, Web Services, Innovation, Listening and Compression, Electrical Engineering Degree