"Melinda, check out graphic recording. It's perfect for you!"

After three hours on Google, I knew she was right.

That realization kicked off the second year in my Master's program at the International Center for Studies in Creativity. (One founding father of the program was Alex Osborn, the "O" in the world's most awarded advertising agency, BBDO.)

I spent that year in deeper study of the science of creativity, with a special emphasis on visual thinking, culminating in a fairly hefty master's project on the topic (170 pages and 77 images - most drawn by hand!).

My background in art comes in pretty handy for this work, not just in drawing out ideas, but in finding the underlying structure, too. And my adventures in education gave me plenty of experience on the people side of things: Group dynamics, planning, pacing, the environment, and how we learn.

As a visual thinking specialist, my goal is to make things simple, clear, and fun. I do this by drawing words and pictures by hand while I organize, summarize, and synthesize your information. I work from print (notes, reports, books, etc.); audio/video (podcasts, recordings, etc.); and live (speeches, presentations, meetings, conversations, etc.).

I am centrally located in the San Francisco Bay Area, with easy access to Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco, and will travel farther if needed.

Check out my website for more info and samples (every page!). You can also follow me on Social Media.

Currently working either online or in person. 

Or learn the basics of making your own visuals in the One Squiggly Line Classroom! Learn on demand at your own pace simple ways to make your information more visual. No drawing or artistic skills or experience needed. Emphasis is on the visual side, which is ideal for those wishing to create their own simple visuals from print materials, for slide decks, presentations, agendas, etc. Creating visual notes in real-time requires additional skill sets (such as deep listening, quick decision making, the ability to quickly synthesize and summarize information, etc.) in addition to the visual skills taught in the One Squiggly Line Classroom.


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