Nikki Kurt is a Soul Archaeologist, connecting people, energy, and words through her intuitive practice of healing as Art. She shares her collected wisdom through Graphic Storytelling – her practice of the art of Visual Listening to capture the language of the moment. Nikki uses her background in Communications Design and Illustration from Pratt Institute, alongside her many years of experience working in the Design and Innovation spaces as the foundation for this creative practice. She has drawn in front of groups of thousands and has also trained hundreds of people all over the world in this method.

As an avid seeker of truth, she is always looking for new opportunities to expand consciousness and to empower others through knowledge and creativity. Nikki is based out of Pittsburgh, PA and is an adventurer of the world. She especially loves interpreting the sacred mysteries of the universe.


Graphic Storytelling, Workshops, Videos, Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitator, Illustration, Palm Mapping, Live Wedding Drawing


Capturing the energy of the moment – one story at a time., Specializing in intimate moments of self love, empowerment, healing, love, and celebration