I read Dan Roam’s book, Back of the Napkin, my senior year of college at Bucknell University. My professors there introduced me to the concept of visual communication and since then, I have been on a quest to learn and innovate the craft. In my later 20’s, I spent 4 years live illustrating with ImageThink. Soon after, I started my own business practicing visual communication. I travelled around the word to work with companies who are changing the world… and today, I plug into my iPad and virtual meetings where I listen, synthesize and capture the content. Conversations become insightful illustrations. Working across industries all focused on innovation and transformation has given me invaluable insight to the seeding of major ideas and their life cycles. As a live illustrator, I work directly with businesses and their teams. Together we can fuel discussions, spark creativity, and move from ideas to actions.


graphic recording, live illustration, infographics, frame by frame animation. Analog, digital, on site and remote


Live capture and visual support for design thinking, strategy sessions, brainstorming, and roadmapping, new business pitches, focus groups, conferences and other events. Industry experience in technology, healthcare, biotech, finance and more.


English, Lithuanian