To her work as a crackerjack graphic facilitator, Paula brings sundry and offbeat talents from previous career incarnations as a professional calligrapher, an actress and voiceover artist, a Swedish teacher, a publications editor and designer, and an internationally touring baroque harpist. 

She holds a certificate in Advanced Graphic Design from Emory University, most of a Master of Music degree in Historical Harp Performance from Indiana University, and started a few bachelor’s degrees in various liberal arts before ultimately snagging the only known undergraduate degree in Historical Harp Performance in North America.

Paula has studied with some of the world's most renowned lettering artists, calligraphers, and type designers, and teaches hand lettering herself. Currently she is teaching a hand for quick-capture graphic facilitation in 2018's year-long Lettering With the Masters course series (see info below for more information). 

 Learn lettering techniques and secrets from a different master each month!

We will go behind the scenes with calligraphers, sign artists, and even a graffiti artist, visiting them at work in their studios. Discover how these masters create stunning effects using simple tools available to all of us. Register for the full year to get early access to each lesson and save $120!

Each month a recording of the session is available for purchase for $30.

Sign up at http://www.LetsLetterTogether.com




Graphic recording & facilitation, Digital illustration, Handlettering & calligraphy, Graphic design


Academia, the arts, nonprofit, Handlettering & calligraphy, Live digital graphics


English, Swedish