Paula: I work with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and nonprofits to help teams refine their strategies and reach their goals. Partnering with a "straight" facilitator is my favorite thing to do, and often brings maximum value to the teams we work with, as I capture live in real time the work that the team is doing in the room and support the facilitator with various tasks. I also am available to work with clients directly by designing graphical exercises and visual templates to work through together, be it for design sprints, strategy sessions, change management, or focus groups.

I'm available to work in person on paper (mural-style) or digitally (projected to a screen), and also remotely for virtual meetings (drawing on an iPad that has its own "feed" for everyone to see the graphics unfolding). Either way, you keep the final drawings to move your team forward in the next phase!

Atlanta clients include Coca-Cola, NCR, the CDC, Cooper Carry, and McKesson. Others include several government agencies in Washington, DC and elsewhere, and major pharmaceutical companies.


Visual Acuity is a graphic facilitation and visual strategy mapping company based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA--but we trot the globe to bring our clients the fresh sharp vision our name promises.

We enhance visual learning and strategic decision making through our innovative graphics and visual maps. Our deep listening and information synthesis channeled through our stylish, fun graphics make complex ideas easier to grasp and give teams a big boost in increasing the clarity and efficiency of their decision making.

WHY VISUAL ACUITY? When you have Visual Acuity, you can see clearly. Your sharpness of vision leads directly to clarity of purpose and decisive outcomes for your organization.

When your big event must be memorable…when you want to spark inspiration or find an emotional connection to your audience…when your team’s brainpower needs capturing so you can move forward strategically…you need Visual Acuity!


Paula has studied with some of the world's most renowned lettering artists, calligraphers, and type designers, and teaches hand lettering herself. Currently she is teaching a hand for quick-capture graphic facilitation in the year-long Lettering With the Masters course series (see info below for more information). 

 Learn lettering techniques and secrets from a different master each month!

We will go behind the scenes with calligraphers, sign artists, and even a graffiti artist, visiting them at work in their studios. Discover how these masters create stunning effects using simple tools available to all of us. Register for the full year to get early access to each lesson and save $120!

Each month a recording of the session is available for purchase for $30.

Sign up at http://www.LetsLetterTogether.com




Graphic recording (digital/virtual or on paper in person), Visual meeting facilitation, Digital illustration (journey maps, infographics, etc.), Handlettering & calligraphy, Graphic design (esp followup projects w/ our graphic recordings)


Design thinking sessions, Change management, Strategic planning, Focus groups


English, Swedish