When people speak about creativity they say 'think outside of the box.' but when it comes to Paul there is no box. He is all about creativity and self-expression. 

Paul has spent his career facilitating and leading teams to help organisations come together to accelerate ideation, solve complex problems and help communicate complex solutions in creative and engaging ways so that they are seen, heard and remembered. 

Calling himself a Visual Storyteller, many times he is found at large conferences and workshops illustrating conversations large and live to the side of the room on whiteboards. Creating interactive visual memories that help your audience remember the session and retain the content for much longer. 

These colourful, engaging memories are always well received and become something your audience will read, keep and treasure! 


Analogue Graphic Recording and Facilitation, Live Murals and Mural Creation, Digital Graphic Recording and Facilitation, Animation and Explainer Videos, Illustration and Strategic Visualisation, Visual Thinking/ Graphic Recording and Facilitation Training, Keynotes on Creativity and Visual Thinking