Praew has a background in architecture and urban design but loves to help people learn. She designs media, curriculums, and workshops in Design Thinking and Innovation for various organization and institutions. She worked with EdTech startup in Silicon Valley creating online learning media for children, conducted research at Stanford Behavior Design Lab while pursuing Masters in Learning, Design, and Technology at Stanford University. She also co-founded Afterword a crowdfunding platform for books, and edited children books. Praew started Artipania Co., Ltd to focus on creating a meaningful learning experiences. Each year, she gives 100 hours to teach Creativity, Design Thinking, Visual Thinking  to university students, social cause workers, and to guide patients as a voluntary cognitive behavioral therapist in a public hospital.

Her works include: 

- Create and lead "Design Thinking" workshop and "Design Sprint" for public and private organizations.

- Train business coaches/facilitators in developing skills in "Visual Thinking and Visual Facilitation".

- Graphic Record for conferences and seminars.

- Design Learning experiences and media.

- Coach clients using tools and techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).


Learning Design, Design research, Workshop Facilitation, Visual Facilitation/Graphic Recording


Design Thinking, Visual Thinking, Learning Design, Participatory Design, Cognitive Behavior Therapy


English, Thai