WHAT do I do? I Translate your spoken, written, and presented content into useful (digital) artwork, opening hearts and moving minds to bring transformation in your workplace.

HOW do I do that? Applying deep listening skills with the ability to synthesise dialogue clearly and concisely both in the moment and afterwards into meaningful, colourful and expressive visuals that can be shared, displayed and used as a reference.

With these services:

1. GRAPHIC RECORDING AND LIVE ILLUSTRATION (Pens, Paper, Board at Live Events + In-Person Conferences _&_ Digital: On-screen, Remote Webinars + In-Person Events)

2. CREATIVE FACILITATION AND CONSULTANCY (Enabling Creativity and Visual Thinking, Releasing Imagination for Change and Transformation)

3. DIGITAL ARTWORK (Studio Work, Remote: Rich Pictures, Visual Identity, Customer Journey Maps, Campaign Graphics, Book illustrations, Corporate artworks)

Bringing this future value: Sustainable Comms: What you take so much effort to create and communicate lands where you want it in the moment and lasts beyond the moment you say it to further hook your audience into acting on it

My story: This is more than drawing

Growing up surrounded by paintings created by family members from the last four generations Ralph knew that art was in his blood! Indeed he would rarely be seen without a pencil in his hand and found creativity to be the way he could express himself. 

Art prizes, an art scholarship, and art degrees followed. After Art school Ralph explored the meanings and application of art in a period of teaching Art and Art History before choosing to return to his core creative practice, founding Purple Heron in 2011.

Purple Heron specialises in visual communication. Through combing drawing talents, perceptive skills, and emotional intelligence Ralph helps agencies, brands, and organisations enhance communication and bring their worlds to life. 

The Bigger Picture:

Ralph is also committed to giving back and democratising visual thinking to help third-sector and community organisations communicate creatively.

He also founded and set up the charity Prodigal Arts bringing transformation through art; mentoring offenders and ex-offenders to find not only a new creativity but a new life.




>> Digital illustration, Artwork and Graphics, >> Rich Pictures, >> Visual Identity, >> Customer Journey Maps, >> Campaign Graphics , >> Book illustrations and artwork for print, >> Custom corporate graphics, >> Event Mementos featuring People and Portraits , >> World Cafe Method Harvesting , >> Visual Thinking and Visual Communication expertise